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Darksiders II

Once upon a darksiders II...

This is war and you have to fight or the war consumes you.

You know when war brokes, it is like a raging fire that eats up on its finds in its path. This is war you about to encounter.

Pete was adventurous and was daunting.He entered in aleague with this crop of guys.He thought he was in good hands when he joined this guys.

Thier mission was to be the most feared,most reverred and the meanest guys in the neighbourhood.

In no time,they had no rival in the neighbourhood and every people would not dare cross their path.These guys ruled the community and they had very one under ther feet.

Then, suddenly their world came crashing.An unknown underlying group of more meaner guys came into the scene. Pete being the right man for the job to confront this other guys was sent to see that he exterminates this guys from the neighbourhood.

Pete though this would be a easy job to do , but he was mistaken as this other guys was more stronger than they were and pete was taken hostage. This other guys though Pete was the brain behind this group and they planned winning him over to their side.

Do this guy suceeded in winning Pete over or do Pete group went all out to get back Pete?

This is more like the story of Darksiders II.

In Darksiders you played as War, the first horseman of the Apocalypse. Falsely accused of prematurely starting the apocalypse, he was returned to Earth seeking justice and punishment. Now you must control his brother Death, the most feared member of the Horseman, who is on a mission to redeem his brother, and prove his innocence.

While taking place during the same time period as the first game, Darksiders II features completely new maps. In total area, the new maps are double the size of those found in the first Darksiders. The new maps will multiple dungeons and city hubs. A single city hub can connect to several dungeons. In fact city hub in Darksiders 2 will contain more dungeons than were featured in the entire original Darksiders

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